«Taste master»

There are things that are impossible to imagine one without the other: aspic – without horseradish, fried potatoes – without ketchup, a piece of delicious shashlik- without tomato sauce.

LLC “Agroprodukt” is engaged in the production of tomato sauces and ketchups, horseradish and mustard since 2000. During this time, the products turned out by the company have acquired wide recognition from the customers. Professional staff, permanent quality control throughout the whole production process – from selection of raw material – all these create a capability to perform the superior taste of the goods produced.

Due to the original receipt and adherence to the technological process under supervision of experienced technologists, all the items have natural inherent savor and color.

Such items as «Shashlichniy», «Universalniy», «Adjika tradicionnaya», mustard «Gorchitsa domashnyaya», «HRENOVINA», horseradish «HREN domashniy», «Vostochniy» are duly appreciated by the customers.

The company produces goods under two Trademarks, these are «Kaliningradskiy» and «Slavyanskiy dar».

The important aspect of LLC “Agroprodukt” production development are:

  • Rigorous quality control of goods and raw materials;
  • Continuing improvement production facilities, equipment upgrade to more up-to-date and technology-savvy ones;
  • Partner support in marketing, tasting, participation in exhibitions and promotions.

All this enables the Company to output a high-quality marketable product, exploit it on the Russian market and enhance the turnover as well as а hold leading market position at the home-region sales of ketchups and sauces.

We do what we like, and we like what we do!

Our production


На что вы в первую очередь обращаете внимание при покупке томатных соусов, приправ, кетчупов, майонезов?

Дизайн, качество упаковки; - 16.8%
Внешний вид (если упаковка прозрачная), цвет; - 9.6%
Состав; - 55.2%
Цена; - 8%
Популярность торговой марки; - 4.8%
Емкость фасовки (граммы); - 0.8%
Другое. - 4.8%

Total votes: 125





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